Who Was The Better Quasimodo: Lon Chaney Sr. or Charles Laughton?

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Jan 13, 2016 in Movies by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)

6 Answers

MidnightCowboy Jan 13, 2016

I have been torn for decades between the two performances, so, I have to declare it a tie.

amberleechoo Jan 13, 2016

I don´t know who they are so I can´t tell.

Echooos Jan 13, 2016

Charles Laughton, that's who I think of when I think of Quasimodo.

dru tiger Jul 2

Charles Laughton was the most sympathetic.

Virginia Jul 3

I would have to go with Midnight Cowboy here, in declaring the contest a tie.

However, I am in love with Charles Laughton, so along with Dru Tiger to sympathize with his sympathetic portrayal.

TheOtherTink Jul 4

I only saw the Charles Laughton film.

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