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Link saving websites?

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Feb 15 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,274 points)

I tested some link saving websites. I can share any link I want and organize them. I can find links or other users. I consider them useful because I can save, share and find interesting content.

3 Answers

Rooster Feb 15

Well, I hope you found what you were looking for. I only use the one for Matrix/Slitherine and that's it and that's because I have to.

We mainly rely on an FTP client. FileZilla. Because it's free and any person can use it to download links for beta testing games.

Kninjanin Feb 15

I use these websites and I like them. I mentioned Flipboard in one question. Flipboard is similar with these websites.

TheOtherTink Feb 16

I haven't used them, but your list looks interesting. 


Why are you search link saving websites, i don,t understand and my some friends all ready give list which is helpful i hope.

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