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No I have never done that.


No, I haven't. I just learned from the internet that Jewish also do male circumcision like Muslims.

TheOtherTink Dan
Fortunately for Jewish women, Jews don't do female circumcision, which is better described as mutilation.
HegeMarie Dan
But do Muslims do male circumcision?
Dan Dan
Yes, Muslims do.
TheOtherTink Dan
@ HegeMarie:

Muslims do male circumcisions and often do female circumcisions as well, at least in Egypt and other places in Africa.

HegeMarie Dan
Yes, you are both right, of course.
I have more knowledge about Judaism than Islam. But I just read about it.
The Quran or Hadith tradition doesn't mention it at all, but muslims practice it because of the command given to Abraham in Genesis, since muslims consider themselves descendents of him.

Female circumcisions has no Biblical roots at all, nor is it mentioned in the Quran
TheOtherTink Dan
There is varying opinion in Islam as to whether there are hadiths regarding female circumcision.


But whether religious  or by custom, it is simply barbaric.
HegeMarie Dan
I fully agree with you.
Most muslims does not practice it, but in Egypt, for instance, the tradition goes back to Pharaonic times, at least, so one can argue that it is more a cultural phenomenon than a religious one.
But none of the World religions commands female circumcision.

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Nope.  I'm not religious and the one Jewish friend I've had was an adult when I met him and he didn't have any kids.