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No I have never painted someone else nails either i think.


Never did.


Yes, actually whenever I've been in a relationship I like to do things for my partner like paint her nails, wash her hair, give her hands and foot massages etc or whatever she likes having done, so I've got quite good at nail painting. 

Darkest Serenity

My Guy paints my Toe nails , used to paint my Girls and She would paint my nails and Toes when She was little  lolz  then I would tell her what a good job she had done :)

I have painted many Girlfriends Toes before and Boyfriends *for a giggle*  if they were Man enough and I was feeling mischievous , they'd let me do full make up.  lolz 


Skip Skip

No, I haven't. 


No, I've never even thought about it before.