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Game of thrones vs Vikings

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV series but Vikings is getting much popular in Scandinavian countries and Vikings fans claims the Viking is far more interesting than the Game of Thrones. Which is better on your opinion?

Game of Thrones

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Even though I haven´t watched Games of Thrones, I believe Vikings is a lot better. I love the show Vikings and really looking forward to season 4! I think it´s interesting to learn about my ancestors. Games and Thrones doesn´t reallly seem to be my type of show and it also contains a little too much nudity in it.
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Game of Thrones, by
The two series are very good.
but I prefer Game of Thrones.
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Vikings, by
Vikings is really interesting. For the first time I watched the Vikings it didn´t interest me so much but then I gave it one more chance and after a few episodes I became addicted of the show.

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