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Valyrian ('Game of Thrones') 1 vote, 14%
Klingon ('Star Trek') 1 vote, 14%
Sindarin ('Lord of the Rings') 0 votes
Romulan ('Star Trek') 0 votes
Atlantean ('Atlantis: The Lost Empire') 0 votes
Pakuni ('Land of the Lost') 0 votes
Na'vi ('Avatar') 1 vote, 14%
Dothraki ('Game of Thrones') 0 votes
Quenya ('Lord of the Rings') 1 vote, 14%
Mando’a ('Star Wars') 1 vote, 14%
None of the above 2 votes, 29%

4 Answers

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None of the above, by

Vulcan, of course.   All sorts of neat words, e.g,, khalifee, khroika, anwoo, ponfarr, plaktau, etc.

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Klingon ('Star Trek'), by

Any of the star trek languages.


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Quenya ('Lord of the Rings'), by

I always thought Sindarin and Quenya sounded really nice. :)

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None of the above, by

 philosophy language