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Any of the Mass Effect games, Metal Gear Solid games, Grand Theft Auto, The Last of Us, God of War, Batman:Arkham, and yes I still play Pokémon as an adult.

Daking Davis Yankee_douche

Hello handsome


Total Overdose, Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Resident Evil and few more.image


Asteroids, Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Batman Arkham series, Halo series


Half Life.

Hubby loves Witcher, Unreal Tournament and Portal.

Yankee_douche dragonfly46

I could never get into the Witcher.... Not knocking it but that was one where I never understood why people held it to such a high regard.

dragonfly46 dragonfly46

Hubby really didn't like it either....at first. He didn't even like the genre of the game. It was a first for him. After awhile he felt it was one of the best games he had ever played. It was beautiful and he appreciated that the developers had made the game specifically and only for a PC. He loved the storyline.

My hubby is a hard core gamer, he games all the time. For years and years. I know he was surprised that he loved it so much.