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Kids at age 10 uses Social Media: Good Progress or Good Grief?


Good Progress
Good Grief

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I think that´s mostly good. When I was 10 though I didn´t use social media at all since I wasn´t interested in it and was outside playing instead. 

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My Girl argued and argued when She was 7 , that her friends and my friends Children who were even Younger were on FB and it wasn't fair but I never gave in until She was 11.

She was allowed on Sites that are Specifically Created for Younger Children because they were under Strict control by Adults who Moderated the Site and all her Friends were on them as well.

They were Fun and Educational and they are very Safe.


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There are safe social networks for children...here's one of them...


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Gdon't care as long as they don't make people start requiring the entire internet to have a pg rating

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