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Once a year or less 1 vote, 14%
2-3 times a year 0 votes
Every 6 months 0 votes
Every 4-5 months 0 votes
Every 2-3 months 1 vote, 14%
Once a month 0 votes
Every 2-3 weeks 1 vote, 14%
Once a week 0 votes
Every 5-6 days 0 votes
Every 2-4 days 0 votes
Everyday 0 votes
I don´t have Facebook 2 votes, 29%
Undecided 2 votes, 29%

7 Answers

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never? i made my second profile back in 2011 and i still haven't changed my picture yet.

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Undecided, by

I sometimes have a profile picture for a few years but sometimes it only lasts a few months.

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Every 2-3 months, by

Most of the time.

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I don´t have Facebook, by

I have no desire to join Facebook.

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I don´t have Facebook, by

Never.    I'm not on Facebook.

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Every 2-3 weeks, by

I take a lot of pics so I like to change mine a couple times a month :)

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Once a year or less, by
I very rarely change my profile pic.  The one I have now has been there for nearly two years.