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No. I think you have to have a penis to qualify as a potential member.

Fuzzy Corona

Aren't they a white supremacist group?

MidnightCowboy Fuzzy Corona

No.  The organization is a Catholic group of men, however, women are not allowed to become members.

Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona

I still don't trust any group that glorifies Christopher Columbus to not be super racist 

TheOtherTink Fuzzy Corona

If I were a snitch, I'd tell the Colombians that you are an anti-Latino racist.

MidnightCowboy Fuzzy Corona

I was reading that some historians think that Christoper Columbus may have been Jewish since King Ferdinand was persecuting the Jews and there were some Jewish people who said they were Catholic but practiced their Faith in secrecy to avoid being persecuted.

Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
That doesn't excuse his actions

Not a member.


No I´m not.


Nope, another boys only club with secret sex orgies 


I am a member of The Knights Who Say "Ni"

Roy Munson

nope! no thanks!