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The game works on pretty much any emulator online.  The problem is there's no way to shoot at any of the targets on the screen, whether they be the ducks or the clay pigeons.  I've tried every button on my keyboard that matches the original controllers buttons...and not one of them shoots the zapper.  I've even clicked the left mouse button and that failed to work.  It's a great game.  I just can't play it because there's no online emulator for the zapper.

And, ever since Java got replaced with something new, there's not even a 2-player option to play other games.  Every game I can play now, I can only do so with one player.  I have to avoid any game that requires two players since that option no longer exists.  And, unless an online emulator for the zapper exists somewhere, it looks like I'll also have to avoid Duck Hunt.  That's a shame because this is one of those REALLY great games I remember playing when I was a kid.

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Play it here...using your mouse.



It's not the same game.  It's similar, but not quite the same.  For instance, there's no clay pigeon shooting game.  You can't click on it because it's not highlighted.  And, there's a dog shooting game (very violent, I might add) that wasn't in the original game.  The ducks fly much faster and more erratic than they did in the original game, making it nearly impossible to hit them...even in the first round.


^^^ This is the actual game available online with an emulator, but without the zapper gun emulator, hence my original question.

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I have that toy gun which is used to shoot the ducks but the problem is, it can't be attached to the PC since the connector is different.

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