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Some loves her and some hates her. What is your view?


She deserves it 2 votes, 40%
No 0 votes
Other 3 votes, 60%

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Well I barely know anything about her than what you told me before.

Two reasons: She spent her life caring for the poor and ill. And, I don't believe in Sainthood, but that doesn't mean a whole sector of the world population doesn't. In the world of organized religion, she's a Saint, and by this reason alone, the so-called official honor is overdue. Just do it. Put that crown on a shining example of humanity already.


I don't think she will care


Since its not my religion, it is irrelevant to me and to God.

Dan Deadcutie1994
So you aren't a Christian?
Deadcutie1994 Deadcutie1994

I'm not catholic.

Deadcutie1994 Deadcutie1994

I'm not catholic, nor do I accept what passes as Christianity today. But I do believe in Christ.

Dan Deadcutie1994

So do you think there are non-Christian elements which are being labelled as Christianity today? What are they?

Deadcutie1994 Deadcutie1994

Yes, almost everything. What passes as Christianity today bears little in common with the early church and its teachings, and shares more in common with paganism. Specifically Baal,and Mithraism. Modern Christians have been fooled into believing a lie. Christians didn't convert pagans. Pagans converted Christians.