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Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December

That I chose to be a member, this despite the oath I swore

After SodaHead's betrayal (which surpassed all words' portrayal):

I would nevermore set sail, as in Pirate days of yore,

On opinion sites most sundry, some with trolls we all deplore,

              Nameless here, forevermore.

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Three months ago. :) 

About 2 months. (Mid February 2016)

January 7, 2016


4 months ago with the newest account and the older account I registered in October/ November I think when  Dan just had started this site.


20 min. ago April 6 2016 10:30 am

Sean McDonald

3 months ago 

And nobody congratulated you for your excellent rhyming.
A thumbs up for you! <3
TheOtherTink Marianne


Marianne, thanks a million;  in the I Have Solved pavilion,

Praises make me blush vermilion, that you richly on me pour.

For no living human creature ever had such honors reach her

From a colleague, friend or teacher to be found upon this shore,

On this website, mostly barren, all too often just a bore.

         Only this, but sometimes more.

Marianne Marianne
You're very welcome - my answer is simply not so funny today - and so  sunny like your inspiring rhymes ...
While synthetic stars are thriving,
Sunday poets and their striving,
go unnoticed, far too often,
stony minds will rarely soften.
But remember that true thinkers,
might be hiding among tinkers,
glamour, beauty and gifts can rust,
promoting greed, lust and mistrust! 
There are several kinds of wealth,
and views differ regarding health,
wisdom rarely suits ambition,
love does not need "exhibition".
A few true friends will sow the grains,
to boost the spirits of the brains,
under the sun, or when it rains,
on smooth or on rocky terrains.
No matter if the burden strains,
if fights and troubles "earn" some sprains;
when energies "go down the drains",
it helps to sit in planes or trains.
(But there's no idea for a joke,
and no witty gag to evoke,
like, for instance, "sporting the oak",
followed by an illustrious soak ...
So, this is just a shade of Blues,
which clarifies some heartfelt clues).

TheOtherTink Marianne

O Marianne, verse trochaic

Adds to feelings melanchaic;

Brighter, though more formulaic,

Is the lim'rick's droll mosaic.

So, with wishes non-prosaic,

Here's a lim'rick fix voltaic:


Midst PIXIE dust here and beyond,

Tink EVER is quick to respond,

To cheer up a friend,

Sad spirits to mend,

With BEAMING smiles POUR tout le monde.

Marianne Marianne
Amazed and touched by peppy rhymes,
playing a symphony with chymes -
which melt away these "icy rimes"
to brighten up laborious times,
by harmonising tones with chimes,
in a garden of blooming thymes.
Many tales evoked the features
of some legendary creatures,
fairies, elves, and sometimes a nymph
bathing naked in a stream of lymph
sharing forests with dwarfs, or trolls,
also described on ancient scrolls ...
Thank you for your smiling verses
showing coloured universes!

Marianne Marianne
** ... POUR tout le monde **
Sourions à tout le monde,
à la matière grise féconde -
sur laquelle la vie se fonde -
même si la sottise abonde,
quand le cave se dévergonde,
que la bière soit brune ou blonde.
Le lieu chasse en mer profonde,
tout comme l'esprit vagabonde
pour un voyage d'une seconde ...
Chantons donc, tous à la ronde,
même quand la tourmente gronde
et que souffle un vent de fronde !

Marianne Marianne

As for the riddle,

I'd play the fidddle,

(or better: "yiddle")

(and also "tiddle")

and choose the middle:

is there a kiddle -

or did I quiddle

when one should twiddle?


Pixie, a fairy or a short haircut - I'd opt for FAIRY and you seem to remove the dust "here and beyond"

(in French "fée du logis", i.e. the truly perfect homemaker)

Tink "ever" - I'd say that the verb to tink refers to the activities of a tinker, i.e. a tinsmith or whitesmith, or a mender, gypsy, worker (a humble employee, hand, or help, or also a beginner or clumsy worker)

But "to tink" can also refer to the tinkling or ringing of a bell.

And that reminds of TINKERBELL the fairy, known from several Peter Pan stories (according to Barrie, she was a tinker (mending pans and kettles) of the fairy folks). And you are the poet and thinker among the "Tinkerbells" ...

It looks like you are working a lot and always (and you underestimate yourself, if you think that you are a simple beginner) - we use the word "bricoler" for "to tinker" (repairing or building things (often) with bits and pieces), somehow like many of the greatest scientists, who were "tinkering" (called research and testing) a lot to develop and/or complete inventions and the related technologies, as theory is not always easy to put into practice.

And you seem to mend the minds of friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. So, you seem to be involved in medical, psychological and/or social education and caring activities, and you might also love animals and nature.


I had to change "n u d e", as it was censored; so, I left several "...iddle" rhymes (there are many, more or less "innocent" ones and others, which might be, partly or entirely, a bit too "naughty" or "roguish" (polisson[ne], adj. + n.), or even really offensive, and there are quite a few - lol.

TheOtherTink Marianne

OMG, bathing in "lymph"?!  (Yes, I know the poetic lymph, but STILL...)  :O


Bathing n u d e in lymphous streams

Likely might evoke shrill screams,

If the lymph came from the pores

Of some giant's canker sores.

Nymphs and fairies surely oughter

Rather bathe in perfumed water

Flowing forth from crystal fountains,

High in mist-beshrouded mountains,

Hid from giants' prying eyes,

Or from satyrs in disguise.

Only then can fairies frolic,

Splash and sing and safely rollick.

TheOtherTink Marianne

Did you say beer?  ;)


Si la bière est blonde ou brune,

N'importe pas;  je bois chacune.

Mais le risque ainsi de vivre:

Je peut devenir morte ivre.

TheOtherTink Marianne


OMG, all those rhymes, like, for riddle!

To WHICH I'll stay COOL, like, the middle.

I'd POST, like, more rhymes,

But DAD, like, at times,

Would THINK I'm, like, xxxxxing my xxxxxx.

Marianne Marianne

Oops ! :unsure: :blush: :D

Too many (E)X'es for a "buck"

and, honestly, the "wits" got stuck,

kids love Goofy and Donald Duck,

who can't live without tons of luck,

if they don't have a lot of pluck ...

There's indeed a big confusion,

with abridged words in profusion,

and (E)XTRA (E)X'es lack "transfusion",

while translations lack diffusion.

If "x(xxxx)ing" could stand for "crossing",

"my x(xxxxx)es" should not be dossing:

"crossing my fingers" ain't* naughty,

and neither looks much like "haughty".

Marianne Marianne
Prix Molière de l'humour:
Juste quelques petites suggestions
pour bien répondre à tes questions.
... "brune" rime avec prune et rune
(La bière est souvent comparée aux femmes, lorsque l'on parle de blondes et de brunes, car:
Que la bière soit blonde ou brune :
Garçon* - un bock sur la hune !
Or, il ne fait pas bon vivre -
bourrée comme un bateau ivre;
un verre ou bien deux, ça passe ...
Mais trois chopes ? Bonjour la casse !
* garçon = waiter
(steward sur un navire, ou encore mousse ou moussaillon (boy)

Marianne Marianne

I'll be back - some problems with the connection ...

Wow - super!


Back to share first a link; you would have inspired regretted George Brassens, known for quite a few poetic and a bit naughty and songs (chansons polissonnes), not to mention certain censored songs, like the one telling a story about a judge and a Gorilla. Here's one about a naive beauty, bathing naked (n u d e) in a fountain:

But his greatest and very touching songs are about respect, friendship, devotion and loyalty :

Chanson pour l'Auvergnat

Les copains d'abord

and the jewel:


More later - with verses ...


TheOtherTink Marianne


They replace neither niddle nor twiddle,

Nor even a puddle of piddle,

But the (e)x(es) at hand

Discreetfully stand

For OTHER words rhyming with riddle. :blush::)

TheOtherTink Marianne

LOL!  The Prix Molière?!  You are far too kind, Marianne!  Thank you!  <3

But what's this about brunettes?!  :O

Ne comptent-ils pas pour des prunes?

Quelle injustice, quelles infortunes!


TheOtherTink Marianne

Thank you again, Marianne, and again you are too kind! <3

Yes, Brassens is marvelous, but the impish side of me could not help being inspired by his song about the  n u d e  ingenue.


As SURE as my NAME'S Tinker BELL,


Before I go blotto,

Who canceled the motto,

"A gentleman NEVER will tell"?!?!?

Marianne Marianne


When searching for the purest streams,
as shown in some delightful dreams,
nymphs and spirits, all the creatures,
gifting nature with their features,
need to hide from cupidity -
grown from snotty stupidity.
Prying eyes and indiscretions,
tend to cause acid secretions;
also fragrance might be vicious,
though the water seems delicious ...
No robot can mould the treasures
of the living planet's measures!
Save wilds from periclitation,
far away from agitation!
Marianne Marianne
Wow - about twelve are rather crude,
salacious, lewd and also rude -
they hide indeed obscenities,
ruining "stainless" serenities:
(There remain quite a few *iddle words with b(ee or beta and Bibendum),
g(ee or gamma for "bijoux de famille"),
ch(eers or chuckle for a chilling "hickup"),
cl(oudy *** - oops that is taboo!!!),
l(ubricious for "lonesome acrobatics"),
sh(ivering - oh poor mom!),
shr(ewd in many situations),
st(umbling into zoology),
v(eggies and food or criminal violence),
as you excluded p(i or picturing Manneken Pis),
w(aste "water flow") and, perhaps forgot about the
"very foul" sw(ift "sewage disposal");
criddle and diddle are more for crooks and cheaters,
and with niddle, twiddle or "making a puddle",
come further hiddle, quiddle, niddle, tiddle) ...
Of course, I must have missed some other terms or "double" meanings?
Anyway, I listed some - one never stops learning, and chuckling about naughty thoughts ...
Oops - a "b" went lost (corrected) ...
Marianne Marianne
You're very welcome - a big hug to you!
And here's some information:
Bien sûr que les brunes  ne comptent pas pour des prunes,
tout comme les rousses  qui auraient le feu "au trousses,
et les blondes                     que l'on voit peiner, furibondes :
Elles se débattent dans un monde plein d'injustices,
même aux heures plus tranquilles de rares armistices ...
Et une très belle chanson pour les femmes (par le regretté Jean Ferrat) - qui reste, cependant, une bien maigre consolation en tenant compte de ce qui se passe dans le monde d'aujourd'hui (comme dans le passé):
Marianne Marianne

You're so welcome - of course that you deserve kindness !

And it is a pleasure to share with you what I like - you are inspiring and a gifted poet.


More later - I neglected all my posts - lol !

Then I'll be out today for a few hours ...

Till tonight! <3:)

TheOtherTink Marianne

Oh, Marianne, Nature's station

Suffers from mankind's predation,

Since the human population

Threatens her with inundation.

Surely, none can disagree

Just how pleasant it would be,

Were we ALL four inches tall,

Like Tinkerbell, petite and small.

Then the Earth, with no exertion,

Could support, 'tis my assertion,

TRILLIONS, three, of Tinkerbells!

(But OMG, the truth compels

Me to admit, that such a pass,

With Tink's unending cheek and sass,

Would contribute only faster

To a different world disaster.)


TheOtherTink Marianne

Lol, "lewd, crude," etc. remind me of an old limerick (not mine, but one which I have embellished a bit here):

A lewdly skewed dude named McGruder

Once wooed a stewed Jungfrau from Uder;

She viewed it as shrewd

To be wooed in the  n u d e,

'Til McGruder subdued 'er and scr*wed 'er.

:blush: :O :blush:


Oh, and regarding "iddle,"

"D" and "F" will fill the bill,

BUT, if you are puzzled still,

By such slangy commentary,

Check the Urban Dictionary.  :O :blush: :O


Marianne Marianne
I can understand your anger:
it's not nice to play the hanger!
Also machos tend to chatter,
gossip has no class or gender!
Making errors is too human,
but perfection looks inhuman.
Shame and fury are not that rare -
when the lion becomes a hare,
gentle manners might fade away,
as soon as scorn gets in the way.
Prince charming was a gigolo,
cajoling with his tremolo,
the valiant knight has gone astray,
too loyal servants might betray ...
Gentlemen were often haughty,
even rude and very naughty,
like spoiled brats, unduly pampered,
leaving ladies mostly hampered.
Also women are not blameless,
innocence is seen as shameless,
outer fittings must be stainless,
but constraint is never painless.
Bad attitudes are hard to change -
all the more if the forms are strange;
girls still deal with lesser chances,
having to adjust their stances.
Education deviated,
time space got abbreviated,
fake and glitter attract the glance,
with the masses watching their dance.
Now, if looking at today's approach,
why do so many still encroach
upon freedom and privacy ....
of groups with "lesser primacy"?

Marianne Marianne
That could raise some naughty pictures -
which could be exposed to strictures;
when the prey gets all the blame,
kids or lambs are easy game.
With the classic, cheerful fiddle,
dancers might prefer to twiddle,
Scottish runners want to niddle -
in the water they will skiddle ...
But if people tend to diddle,
they might need to flee or hiddle.
F****ers and d****ers - what a shame -
got with "q" their share of ill fame :
According to the "Urban Book" -
which helped to get a closer look.
:blush::D :blush:

Marianne Marianne

An absolute highlight

to picture such twilight!

I'll have to add a blame

on Peter Pan's lame flame!


Bad bad boy! He would deserve the spanking for all the "broken dishes":

Pierre Perret - Vaisselle cassée (c'est la fessée)



Marianne Marianne

There's also another virgin or Jungfrau:


and, for pilgrims:

The Black Virgin or Madonna:



TheOtherTink Marianne

Alas, 'tis e'er been part of human life

To mistreat certain folk, at times most cruelly,

Whether born of hatred, scorn or strife,

In  l u s t, hot blood, or worst, to murder coolly.


TheOtherTink Marianne

Naughty pictures?  :O :blush: :O


Oh, my goodness, such diversions

Once were thought to be perversions,

When the Devil would a smirk drop,

Luring innocents to his workshop.  :devil:

TheOtherTink Marianne

Spanking?!  :O


'Tis enough to cause public furore!

An outcome that ALL should abhor!

After spanking by Peter

(That CRUEL fairy beater),

My  b u m  is all SWOLLEN and SORE!  :angry:

TheOtherTink Marianne

Lol, not exactly the kinds of Jungfrauen I had in mind. :D

I had considered using the "Luder von Uder" instead, which would have made for funnier rhymes, but which would not have suited the punch line as well.  After all, the Luder von Uder probably would have welcomed such an outcome.

Marianne Marianne

Lol - and I was just thinking of sausages and potato salad or tagliatelle al pesto - feeling hungry ...

Really, you should start with spanking Peter Pan - lol - like in Pierre Perret's "Vaisselle cassée" (broken dishes) ...


TheOtherTink Marianne



"Revenge is sweet," says Tinkerbell,

"In Wonderland, I found a potion

With no trouble or commotion,

Making me of size, you see,

To overpower, one, two, three,

And spank that scamp, and give him  h e l l."

Marianne Marianne

Lol - a good one!


I had a rather busy time,

no break for a delicious lime,

the news, again, focused on crime,

soiling the minds with nasty grime.

Marianne Marianne
The blues about the the glooomy news
did not inspire smiling views! :O 
About Human Immoderation
Lacking space grows loss of freedom,
dull routine, contempt and boredom,
unfair shares and prohibitions,
shaming slaves with inhibitions,
feeding hate with contradictions,
abusive or insane restrictions ...
Overcrowding boosts excesses,
spreading pests like huge abscesses;
ruining our planet's nature,
wasting wildlife's nomenclature -
overdosed with "revolutions"
earth declines in men's pollutions.
Earth, today, is suffocating,
despite moral advocating;
excesses raise perversities,
aggravating adversities
with scandals and atrocity
and unbridled ferocity.
There would be humane solutions
moulding mental evolutions,
to improve the sense of fairness,
meeting with proper awareness,
due respect, consideration -
dosing "growth" with moderation.

Marianne Marianne
Poor little thing, it is a shame
you can call such things by the name,
these undue conducts are to blame,
whether touchy, chilling or lame;
no one should soil a loving flame.
Neither should a childish prankster,
imitate a shady bankster;
have a break to cure your sore parts,
spread some balm on the broken hearts.

Marianne Marianne


I just read again this page, chuckling with delight!


TheOtherTink Marianne

:) <3 :)

Marianne Marianne


TheOtherTink Marianne


Marianne Marianne

A big hug back!



About two days ago.

Sean McDonald



My belated answer:

When SH began to stumble,

its ex-members took a tumble,

and the frame began to crumble

under the volcanic grumble.

Oh, there was indeed a jumble,

mingling with the angry bumble

of the users' spreading mumble -

business aims are rarely humble.

Most are still saddened by the loss,

trying to hide old wounds with gloss,

or busy dealing with new dreams,

according to the latest streams.

Some go astray, from site to site,

others challenge a "parasite",

certain groups may ask some question,

which can bother one's digestion.

Let's kiss good-bye past spans of time,

from silly moments, for a dime,

to vibrant talks and arguments,

about life, or integuments.


TheOtherTink Marianne


'Tis BEST, of the past, just to stow it,

And IF there's ill will, not to show it.

But WHAT'S that you said?

A site, SodaHead?

I'm sorry, but  I  just don't know it.  :angel:

Marianne Marianne


Maybe that I should have rethought

about the fitting words I sought:

Should I have said community?

But there is no immunity

against unmeant impunity!


TheOtherTink Marianne


Marianne Marianne

Lol - good to see a sunny chuckle,

like a scent of honeysuckle ...