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I keep it quiet.
I shout it out!

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This is a very clever question in its own silly way.

I've been (was/am/may carry on in the unforeseen future) a type of a guy, who did/does/may do some stuff, that is time-sensitive. Nah, let's not go all squirmish about it. I'm a military intelligence guy. That's Finnish military, by the way. Russians are nasty bastards. Anyways, as I'm still waiting for a trial for something foolish I did in the near past (last summer) and I've been shouting about it all the way. I shout at everybody, just because my self-esteem has somehow been reduced to to a single atom. I hope it doesn't drop to the quantum level, since then even Hawking wouldn't know, what the hell is going on.


You're doing fine. Self esteem is a mask people who cry wear. Everyone cries.

All that aside, I know what you did last summer. ;)


I know what you did last winter. Also, I know your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

Gotta love Monty Python. Almost as much as Gilliam's wonderful, wonderful Twelve Monkeys. ;o)

Last winter was not kind. Not kind at all. But it wasn't the worst of winters. Not by a long shot.

I cannot draw a comparison, as I haven't yet seen "Twelve Monkeys" outside of a zoo.
Monty Python slays 'monkeys in a zoo'. ;p

Oh, I tell you...

If you are even a bit into science fiction, you should.

It's a lovely film/flick/movie. One of my favorites.


"Twelve Monkeys", got it. :)

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I keep it quiet.