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I-have-to-go-and-see-everything-type, by

I especially have this trait when I go to Las Vegas.

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relaxed-don’t-do-anything-type, by

Depends on where I'm taking a vacation.  If I'm staying at home, I try my level best to not leave the house.  If I'm in a different city, I'll go out to see stuff, but I don't book up all my time.  I leave enough for lounging at the pool or sitting in the hot tub.

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I like to vacation in places that encourage relaxation, like the beach or in the woods. I like to sleep a lot, and enjoy lots of peace and quiet in nature.

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I-have-to-go-and-see-everything-type, by

I´m both of them on a vacation.

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I-have-to-go-and-see-everything-type, by

Actually the middle; a relaxed discovery tour, allowing to take the time to see and enjoy the preferred sites, also less touristic ones, without stress.

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