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Gryffindor 1 vote, 33%
Slytherin 0 votes
Hufflepuff 1 vote, 33%
Ravenclaw 1 vote, 33%

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Ravenclaw, by
Gryffindor is for the courageous are going to do what they think is right
Slytherin is for the rebel rousers who question the way things are
Hufflepuff is for the leftover rejects who couldn't fit into the other categories
Ravenclaw are the intellectuals.

I would like to be in Ravenclaw because the others just aren't worth it in my opinion.  Gryffindors are brave,  what is bravery without intelligence?  Stupidity and unresponsibility and doesn't always work out.
Slytherin,  what is the point of going against the way things are if you're not able to tell what's worth changing?  `If it's not broken don't fix it.
Hufflepuff, being in a house because there's nowhere else to go doesn't appeal to me.
Ravenclaw,  I can't find anything wrong with being intelligent?  It is kind of what makes all other things worth doing, a catalyst for progress.
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Gryffindor, by

I don´t remember that much how their houses looks like actually.

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