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People come to this country, take advantage of our Freedom of Religion then twist it by applying their views which are contradictory to the Constitution of this country as well as our laws.

Companies (websites) have rules allowing anonymous posting of questions, this is designed to protect users who wish to ask questions about controversial topics to avoid personal attacks. Then, to bolster the site's dwindling activity, they begin posting anonymous questions. But not about important or controversial issues, but about how to get a toddler to eat their vegetables. There is no need for any type of protection surrounding this question. In fact, the post so many anonymous questions, that they effectively spam their own site and force actual users to leave.

So how do you feel about people twisting the rules to achieve a goal that was obviously contradictory to the rules' original intent and purpose?

It pisses me off
Hey, I do that myself.

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It pisses me off, by

Yeah it can be annoying.