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Fuzzy Corona

I'm a decent human being who doesn't want to invalidate my hypothetical child and give them horrible mental health issues so yes.


Yes, I love and support my children unconditionally.


Yes if I was one i would.


I would raise them to accept their bodies for who they are..


No, and here is why, if your son or daughter came to you and said they were a cat or dog (whatever), you would think they had flipped their lid.   There would be a mental health issue and they would need help.    We couldn't even imagine not getting help for them but we support transgender.     Something is not right there and the answer is not surgery to make you a different sex.    I would love my child unconditionally but I would not support this.    


@ teachkat:

A perfectly sensible answer.  Johns Hopkins, which pioneered transgender surgery in the '60s, has long since stopped performing this kind of surgery.



I'm not a parent with kids of my own, so this answer will be hypothetical and assume I was a parent with kids.  So, here goes...

If it's their decision to be a transgender, then I would support him or her as long as they are comfortable with this decision.  That's all I need to say.