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I´m not sure what the situation was like so I need to look at it more.

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Here is what we know...

Alton was selling CDs infront of a store, the owner confronted him and alton began waving a gunn around. The owner calls police.

No video of what transpires prior to them already wrestling on the ground has been released

In the video, one cop yells gunn! gunn!!!! If you look at altan's hand, he his grabbing at something in his pocket. The cop fires. A gunn was recovered.. 

Totally justified

 blacklivesmatter is a hypocritical joke.. It's like bringing attention to the few killed by assault riffles and ignoring the thousands killed by handgunns. All lives matter, wether black, white, Hispanic or Asian, and regardless if they are killed by cops or someone else's hand.. 

Blacklivesmatter exists to make money off of racism. The only blacks that matter to them are the dead corpses they can use to incite and anger the ignorant into hate.

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