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I always loved listening to Sting and The Police

Backstreet Boys
The Police
Air Supply
New Kids on the Block

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Queen, by

Freddie Mercury with that beautiful voice that could fill the Grand Canyon.


Have you listened to Bohemian Rhapsody? I saw Queen performing that song live in 1977.

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Backstreet Boys, The Police, Westlife, Air Supply, New Kids on the Block, N SYNC, Queen, by

I listen to all those groups, and others not listed.  however, I don't think the police, air supply, or queen are or were ever considered "boy bands". At least not in the sense of nsync , boys2men, backstreet boys , ect......

Boy bands are musical acts put together by music managers primarily targeted at 13-15 year old girls... Playing on thier emotions, sensitivities and hormones to sell records.

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Backstreet Boys, by

im not a fan of any of these groups but each one does have at least a couple of songs that i like.