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Charles Darwin 0 votes
Nikola Tesla 0 votes
Albert Einstein 2 votes, 40%
Carl Sagan 0 votes
Stephen Hawking 0 votes
Isaac Newton 1 vote, 20%
Sigmund Freud 0 votes
Leonardo da Vinci 1 vote, 20%
Aristotle 0 votes
other 1 vote, 20%

3 Answers

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Albert Einstein, by

I don´t know the others actually.


He is the best:)

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Albert Einstein, by

Einstein is number 1 in my book !!!! Don't forget his theory on time travel aka theory of relativity.:)

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Isaac Newton, by

It would have to be Isaac Newton because of his discovery of the laws of motion and kinematics, a branch of mathematics concerned about the mechanics of motion. The fact that he described the motion of all objects using only the concepts of inertia and force is still seen as an outstanding effort as view from today's eye.