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"Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, announced today that she is separating from her husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner."


But first things first:  "Abedin remains in Long Island as part of a Clinton fundraising trip to the Hamptons."

Mustn't neglect to collect those fat donations from the one-percenters.  And Hillary is going to sock it to the wealthy?  HAH!


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No, it's all about internet sex, so what's the big deal? 1 vote, 100%
No, Bill does his sexting in the flesh, and Hillary has never minded. 0 votes

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No, it's all about internet sex, so what's the big deal?, by

Hillary was getting tired of him sexting her when his wife works for her. LOL


I hadn't heard about that before.  :D

Boy oh boy, Weiner was REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel!


Yep ! Or he needs some thick glasses.


LOL!  :D

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@ Hitman:  You may be right about the glasses.  You know what they say about going blind if you overdo... um... well, you know...


I'll stop when I need glasses ! I swear I will ! LOL


Very commendable!   :D

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@ Hitman:  Have you noticed that whenever a question that's embarrassing to Hillary fans appears, there follows a whole slew of silly questions, whose only purpose seems to be to get the embarrassing question off the first page of this site? :D

It's like the NY Times burying a bad Hillary story on p. 57.  :D :D


You know ? I have noticed that ! What's the big deal with how many points you have? Doesn't make sense to me. But I have noticed a few times when I've answered one of those bonehead questions, it's quickly gone from the page. Thank you, it wasn't just me.

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