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Um... I think it's Mr. Methane.  Look him up on YouTube.  :sick:

He wears a mask, so I'm not sure what his secret identity is, but I have my suspicions. :)


It is Mr Methane ! Guiness record. LOL



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Lol - I am not sure about the real identity, but officially, it seems to be a certain Paul Oldfield (oh no - did somebody suggest Michael or Mike with the same name? :D): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Methane

Former flatulists:



And, if it is not too offensive, the video:


Lol - I looked into your link, but didn't find the words - and digestion problems are not always so funny for those who must experience them ...

Maybe that a joke can help:


A man walks into a Starbucks with his iphone... He suddenly realises he needs to fart. He logs into Itunes and ups the volume thinking 'the music is loud no one will hear' So he farts...

When he looks around, everyone's staring at him. Then he realises... He was listening to his iphone with headphones.

Link: http://www.jokes4us.com/barjokes/fartjokes.html

Just chuckling, as I had my embarrassing moments too (like being accidentally blocked in a very dirty toilet while the bus was waiting). :)



On trips, an enteric emergency

Is prone to occur with some urgency.

At the time, 'tis not funny,

To be gushy and runny, :O

But humor returns, post-divergency.  :P


How awkward in a scene, so lush,
if certain powers cause a blush, :blush:
urging to take a sprint through slush -
in clothes of velvety plush - :O
towards a place where you can flush
the symptoms of a swelling gush -
I'd rather have a bit of hush ... :angel:


@ Marianne: ok, now it's a full sonnet, all with ONE rhyme.  :D

Between the austral and the boreal pole,

I never dreamt 'twould ever be my role,

The virtues of the bathroom to extol

And cheekily, with brass, to here enscroll

Upon this website, and due praise unroll:

The rush to safety at the toilet bowl

On modesty indeed may take its toll,

For few of us can show enough control

To cover our retreat, and slowly stroll

To bath or powder room, and there console

An angry gut, whose contents must enroll

In places far removed from land or shoal.

So if a hush and quietude's your goal,
Then mum's the word — I'll never  tell a soul.  :angel: :) :D



Lol - bravo.


:D <3

Lol - I could not start any rhyming; I was flooded with mails, and I had to explain why I do not like certain advertisement methods, which are intentionally putting heavy pressure on people, urging them to vote or chip-in fast and blindly, liking things or performances, without seeing or testing them previously, and - well, somebody feels hurt, just because I do not agree with such methods and tests.

But here I am, with my little exercise:

And when you just can't find the way
among the crowds, starting to sway,
dancing on the beach of the bay,
next to the game which others play,
watching kids wade in viscous clay,
whilst they could choose a better day,
or harvest crops and cut the hay,
so as to earn the fees to pay,
allowing fun during the stay -
with soaring thoughts going astray.


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