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Autumn Thoughts

Rain is falling with a rustle,
on busy hustle and bustle;
few people take the time to see
waves sweeping over the grey sea;
dark clouds announce the time of fall
trees turn into a coloured wall.

Leaves take reddish and golden shades,
mingling multiple browns and jades;
a bright'ning lits vivid fire
followed by the sky’s dark ire,
fog throws its veils over the wood,
most people wear now coat and hood.

The vivid colours lose their light,
a flock of birds takes up its flight;
summer days are mere memory,
while chill prepares its armoury –
here a touch of silent mourning,
there the harvest of a morning …

It is the time of abundance,
of rethinking and of guidance;
with a little pinch of sadness,
still it feels also like gladness;
an award after hard working,
upon efforts of peacemaking.

The human faces nakedness
like lonely trees in haggardness,
while losing their splendid clothing,
falling leaves drying and writhing;
the mind fills with contradiction,
weighing luck and malediction.

Winter is like nature’s hardship
but enlightened by pure friendship,
candle lights smoothe the bitterness
waking the hearts’ togetherness:
open wide your doubting spirits,
recall your and others’ merits!



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Absolutely beautiful!


Thank you, Midnight Cowboy!


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Henry Purcell ("Orpheus Britannicus") had interesting things to say about the seasons too.  :)


Very nice; and thank you for the subtitles - lol.

I'll add Vivaldi's "Autumn":

and these old songs around Prévert and Verlaine:

Yves Montant - Les feuilles mortes (Jacques Prévert) + lyrics (FR and GB)



Georges Brassens - Verlaine par Brassens


Hugues Aufray - Verlaine (ref. Trenet)


Charles Trenet - Chanson d'automne (Verlaine)


Léo Ferret - Chanson d'automne (Verlaine)

in "rock" version:

Les Discrets - Chanson d'automne + lyrics (FR + GB)


But there are so many ...


Thank you, Marianne!  :)



You're very welcome, and thank you for sharing Purcell. I remember that he had also a very short live, about a year more than Mozart (but at another time), and that he was one of Englands greatest composers, but in his era, there were Bach, Pachelbel*, Handel, Lully, Albinoni*, Vivaldi, etc. 

Pachelbel + Albinoni

Today, I coudn't "tear" myself from the story of "Marie-Jeanne", or, on your side, Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe":

It is probably the cold, rainy weather ...



Yes, one story goes that Purcell had been out carousing on a cold night, his wife locked him out of the house (perhaps accidentally), he caught pneumonia and died.

Another theory surmises that he had tuberculosis.

What a loss that he and Mozart died so youngWhat else might they have composed?


Oh yes, that was very sad.

Also for Mozart, the disease, which killed him, could not be determined accurately.

Both were a great loss for their time.

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Are you unhappy with autumn?

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