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"De Blasio said Saturday night that the blast had not been linked to terror, but Cuomo clarified that the explosion had not been linked to an international terror group. "A bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity," Cuomo said."

" "A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism," Cuomo said Sunday morning."


De Blasio, deranged PC liberal that he is, didn't want to use the "T" word.  Cuomo, a Democrat with sense, did not hesitate to use plain common sense.

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As far as I know, calling things by their name does not violate "normal PC", as we should, actually, understand it in Europe, in spite of the many abuses, biaised declarations, censorships and more or less intended misinterpretations ...


There is a big difference between insults, false accusations, distorted allegations, etc. and simply stating known facts.



On our side, we have the following information:




As I take it from the news, these blasts are due to bombs, and that refers to acts of terrorism.


Yes, of course they were due to bombs, at least the ones in New Jersey and New York. The attack in Minnesota was a mass stabbing, all terrorism.

Der Herr Bürgermeister De Blasio bläst seinen Dudelsack.


Yes, of course, there was also the mass stabbing in Minnesota, another in Israel, further a series of foiled terror attacks.

Now, if thinking of Mayor, Bürgermeister, Maire, etc., there's a rather funny coincidence, or confusing "trap" in a popular TV series, "Père et Maire" (Father and Mayor), about a Priest and a Town Mayor, constantly quarreling about little things and financial shortages, and still doing an excellent teamwork for the good causes - a little bit like Don Camillo and Peppone.

The funny thing is that "maire" and "mère" (and mer) are pronounced the same way, and  "père et mère" (father and mother) is very current. And in this series, the Mayor is often in charge of unexpected tasks and emergencies, a bit like a mother.

Now imagine somebody only hearing this title on the phone without any other clue (no spelling, no sentences, no genus, no information about the story, etc.) and having to take notes ....

Image result for maire et mère humour

(mer + mère)



Aujourd'hui à New York, le maire

Est très stupide et plein de mer--.  :O



En savourant des incongruités - ou élucubrations

Ces mots qui laissent un goût amer -

quand l'émotion erre, éphémère -

glaçants, comme le mois de frimaire,

ou dans le brouillard de brumaire;

même en été, face à la mer,

prononcés par Monsieur le Maire,

ils peuvent blesser le coeur d'une mère,

ou régaler une grande commère.

L'absurdité crée la chimère,

ce mythe qui fut cher à Homère,

et sans s'en prendre à la grammaire,

l'exercice vaut une phrase sommaire,

si elle contient l'idée primaire,

même si elle reste intérimaire

et ne dure qu'un bref nycthémère,

sous les branchages d'un cryptomère.


Cryptomère (Cryptomeria japonica "Elegans")




Der Bürgermeister bläst zum Streich:
"O'zapft is!" - tönt's im Festbereich;
aber jenseits vom grossen Teich
geht es nur um den Wählbereich.

Es tobt der Kampf um den Vergleich;
Vorträge sind oft tränenreich,
manche Herzen werden zu weich,
andere schützen sich sogleich.

Feuchtfröhlich lädt die Wiesn ein,
zu einem Bier sagt man nicht nein;
der Regen wäscht die Tische rein:
"Wie kann es nur so trübe sein?"

Dudelsack und Trommelfeuer,
verlocken zum Abenteuer,
doch nicht allen ist's geheuer
and're mögen's nicht zu teuer ...

 @ Marianne:  LOL, very good!   :)

Ach, was soll ich jetzt noch sagen,

‘S wird mir bald ganz schlecht im Magen,

Wenn ich nur darüber denke:

Blasio sitzt in einer Schenke,

Stockbesoffen, aufgeblasen,

(Während Terroristen rasen,

Bomben auf die Straß’ zu setzen,

Und mit Messern Leute hetzen)

Spricht der blöde Bürgermeister

PC Unsinn, und bescheisst er

Jeden Trottel, der ihn höret

(Doch Vernünftige sehr störet)

Mit sei'm Quatsch, ganz ungeheuer,

Während Rom brennt nun im Feuer.


Oops - Autsch! That was a bit sharp, but excellent!


I couldn't help chuckling!

Von Despoten hört man oft "Kusch",

daher geschieht so mancher Pfusch -

beim Musiker misslingt der Tusch,

die Mägde hetzt "Mann"* mit Husch, Husch;

sowas missfällt dem Wilhelm Busch!


(*man oder Mann - oh Mann)


Poor Saint Blaise must be turning over in his grave!

Blasio (or Biagio?), Blaise or Blase, Blasius or Vlasios (Βλάσιος), Biagio, Blas, Vlaho, Balázs, Bras, etc., was the name of several saints and famous people:


And there are many places called after the Saint(s), like our:


which is close to a papiliorama (formerly in Marin, now in Chiètres/Kerzers).

Saint-Amant (Saint Lover - lol) wrote also a very critical "description" about the miserable looks of poets.

LOL! :D  I've admired Busch since childhood. My favorite passage was "Rums! Da geht die Pfeife los / Mit Getöse, schrecklich gross..."

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From what little I've had time to read about it. Cuomo is at least looking at it for what it really is. Anything like that is either domestic terrorism or foreign terrorism. No two ways about it.


De Blasio is a PC fool.

And I notice it took our PC President almost two days to say ANYTHING about these obvious acts of terror.


Probably another long boring speech coming.


It sure did come... at the UN.  ZZZZZZZZZ

But he used the dreaded "T" word — THREE times!  I think that's a first for Obama.  Probably more than in the whole past 8 years.  :D




You can tell it's election season, and Hillary's in trouble.