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I have watched some of my favorite movies an estimated 20 times.

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Yeah, 20 times sounds about right... like this one, for example:

Film noir at its best. :)


Oh yes, I remember this movie (Joseph Cotton, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard, ...).

I can't forget the zither music of Anton Karas, which seemed to reflect and comfort Viennese "melancholy" in the past - with a touch of Hungarian "longing" in a very dark, sad urban jungle of crimes, hatred, poverty, destruction, treason, humiliations, murders, theft and abuse, wasted people, their feelings and fears.

Very impressing and an insight into tortured, perverse, desperate, crushed and split souls.


Harry Lime was a man before his time.

Today he would be running for president in the US.


Lol - well, who knows - many war and post-war criminals got away in these troubled times.

Sorry, I am not laughing so much today, as every place and country has its tragic events, and commemorations, or additional investigations, which can be very painful to all the sides. And those who help, and even those who care, are often the most criticised. Since a certain time, a long series of tragic accidents, crimes and disasters are being commemorated on our side of the Big Pond, analysed, discussed, re-investigated. Today, after the Nice attack, the crash of the A320 in the French Alps, the murder of Adeline, etc., they are discussing the Sierre coach crash - again - and trying to find more clues.


I'll be back, as soon as I am through with correspondence, a moment of reflection - oh, and supper.


Yes, the Sierre coach crash especially is heartbreakingly tragic.  :'(


Yes, indeed - wherever it happens, you can't just see that and remain indifferent - yes, very sad. :'(

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I don't remember how many times I had the occasion to watch some of my favourite movies - or rather some of the best scenes, as I had seldom time to go to the movies or to watch them on TV.

And my preferred movies were more or less old-fashioned comedies, black humour, slapstick, detective stories, adventures - or parodies and some science fiction.

One of the most hilarious and famous examples (in English):