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In this case, "it" refers to a webcam.  I've asked for one this Christmas.  But, I'm kind of on the fence about getting a webcam.  Consider this:

On the one hand, it would be nice to start broadcasting online and chat with my friends online.  Very few people know what I look like, other than my family and maybe a friend or two online.

But...on the other hand, I don't wear clothes at all (except on very rare cases when I have to go somewhere out of the house).  While I have no problem with being my natural self, others may have objections about video chatting with me when I don't wear clothes.  It's a pity, but there it is.

Now you know why I'm asking this question.

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Then you can just show your face.

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Like Dan said... or would it be so difficult to wear a bathrobe or something like that when you're on the webcam, if anyone objects to your being in the altogether?

And pardon me for asking, but doesn't it get quite chilly for you in the winter?  I know I would be shivering unless the heat were turned WAY up.


I don't have a bathrobe and, since I rarely wear clothes unless I have to go anywhere, I also don't shower or bathe except on those rare times.  I'd prefer not to get clean clothes dirty.  And, the reason I don't shower or bathe is because I don't sleep well.  And, there are several reasons why I don't sleep well.  It's not as simple as having insomnia.  Sure, that could be a factor, but it's not the primary reason I don't sleep well.  I have both physical and mental problems going on with me.  It's a long story and I can't really explain it.  You just have to take my word for it.

As for getting cold in the Winter, Winters around here have been seemingly milder than they used to be and, sure, sometimes I need to turn the heat up on some cold nights, but I use the heat far less than you might think.  So far, I've only used it once or twice this season and it hasn't been too high.  72°F to 74°F is usually all that's needed for me to stay warm.  Plus, I can snuggle up under blankets if I still need some extra warmth.  I'm a cold-weather person, so it usually has to be very cold before I feel the need for a lot of warmth.  In contrast, I sweat far too easily, even if it's not very hot.  Is it any wonder I prefer not to wear clothes?


Well, I guess your metabolism is different from mine.

In the summer, when the humidity is high, I would not be cold if the temperature in the house was 74.  But in the winter, when the humidity is low, I would be shivering at that temperature without clothes.  :O

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I use web cams for business quite a bit and I just put a decent shirt on and make sure I look all right is about all. My only problem with webcams ? They are a hackers dream ! Easy to gain access and can watch you through the cam. You might want to do what we do when we're not using it and place a piece of tape over it. Otherwise ? Go for it ! If it's just friends and not business? Who cares ? If people have objections? I sure wouldn't let it bother you any. I sure don't. Take it or leave it.

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I would also refer to the risks and problems with hackers (namely identity theft), with privacy and with temperatures.

Personally, I prefer to be clothed, as the climate is rather cold here. And too much exposure to the sun is neither beneficial. But it is also essential to feel comfortable in one's clothing.

About historical aspects:


About health:



But in your case, you best rely on your doctor's recommendations.

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I would say no.

You can always email a photo of your face to friends on-line.

But with so many people hacking into webcams and posting the captured video elsewhere, I'd have to pass.