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Best Western I've seen in quite a while. Tarantino at his best.


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I saw it a while back Kiddo ! Glad that you got to see it ! Great Western !


I think I saw them over on the mug site.  :D

No, seriously, I haven't seen the film yet.  The trailers look good.

Rooster TheOtherTink

It's quite the wild film ! Different plots keep you guessing till the end ! 


Yes I've seen it and it was freakin awesome!!!


No, I have not seen the film, but I heard lately about Quentin Tarantino.

I'll have to take a look into the trailer.


I saw it. While there were some good performances, it grew a bit old.

Is Samuel L. Jackson incapable of taking a role where he doesn't point out that he's black?

Hitman xix

I think he rather enjoys it from what I've seen and heard. I was around plenty of black soldiers and you sure didn't hear that crap from them. Jackson is getting old and maybe he just likes to rant. IDK.