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Aside from the obvious changes (those of you who know me well enough here should know what I'm alluding to), each film would end with a Raptor that either stows away or is invited to stay with the heroes.

Jurassic Park would end with a stowaway Raptor on board the helicopter.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park would end with a Raptor that stays with Kelly, Ian, and Sarah.  It stows away in the rescue helicopter and disappears in San Diego before it reunites with them.

Jurassic Park III would end the same way as the first film with a Raptor in the helicopter.  But, the difference this time is that the Raptor is the one who saves Billy from the Pteranodon attack earlier.

And, Jurassic World would end with Blue being allowed to be with Owen, Claire, and the kids.  Inside the shelter, Blue helps with some of the injured people before Owen calls to her to join him and Claire.

Claire:  So, what do we do now?

Owen:  Probably stick together...for survival.  Blue?  Come on, Blue!  All three of us together...for survival.

And, those are the changes I'd make to the four films.  Jurassic World 2 hasn't been released as of this time (January 17, 2017).  That's why I said the four films, rather than the five films.  If I'm still around when JW2 gets released, I'll edit this question to include it.

Now you know what changes I'd make to the four films.  But, what about you?  What changes, if any, would you make to them?

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No answers, what a surprise.  I may consider closing or hiding this question if no one answers by Thursday (January 19, 2017).  No, I'll wait until Friday (January 20, 2017) before I make that decision.

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It wasn't that I didn't want to answer, but I just couldn't think of any good changes.

Actually, I saw the first movie, Jurassic Park, and thought it was excellent the way it was. I also saw one of the sequels (can't remember which) and thought it suffered from being just more of the same, which is a frequent problem in sequels of movies of this type. :unsure:

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I agree with Tink on this. The first movie was the best and close to the books. The rest were just the usual sequels. I see no reason to change any of them. The two books by Michael Crichton were great and no movie or change of plot is needed.

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Sorry, I am late, so I missed out your question.

Personally, I would not change anything.