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What is the difference between brown eggs, white eggs, blue eggs and speckled eggs. Why American eggs are banned in UK / Europe and why European eggs are banned in US?

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I don't think there is any significant difference between chicken eggs of differing shell colors, as far as eating them is concerned.

As for legalities, American eggs must be washed before they are put up for sale, and this is specifically banned in Europe, where they expect the farmers to market eggs that are clean in the first place; i.e., the hen houses should be so clean that the eggs will not be smeared with... um... undesirable stains. :O :blush: :)


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Actually, the mutual "bannings" of eggs are a consequence of the different treatments and conditionings of egg production and hygiene requirements in the UK and in the USA. Washed and sprayed eggs need to be refrigerated.


As to the various colours of eggs, they depend on the chicken breeds or hybrids, and, to a lesser extent, on their food or, sometimes, on their living conditions, but there is no particular difference in edibility, nutrition and health values or taste - only the colours vary. The eggs of chickens roaming outside in natural pastures or gardens are, of course, healthier and taste better than those of "high performance" chickens confined to limited space and stress in factory farms.



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