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Governments spend a lot of money for conducting election. Once the candidate elected as the leader, he can implement any policy he likes (but maybe the people who voted him might not like it).

My suggestion: A card with QR code will be issued to every individual and all card will have the default password, 12345. Once a person gets his card, he can scan the card with his mobile camera and can change the password according to his wish. In order to login every time, the users must scan the card and enter their password.

This card is used for login to the smartphone App. The user can ask questions or answer others questions or answer questions of the government. The users can vote on polls and can also give their opinions.

With the card, the government can view a detailed statistics. Some of them are:-

1. How many percentage of people are in favor of the policy?

2. Votes based on age group, gender, career, ......... can be viewed.

3. Fake votes are avoided since there is only one card per person (with high security features).

4. How many people are employed, religious beliefs, language spoken... can be collected from the people's profile. [So government don't have to spend money for Census, Election. The data will also be up to date and the process is faster].

5. The government may can ask people's opinion on each policy before implementing.

6. This can also be used to pay tax, send money to others, chat, ......

7. Find people near you based on the occupation like carpenter, tailor ......

8. Can be used as a dating site, ....

Additional features

  • A chip is inserted to all people's vehicle, it will gather data such as the speed at a particular area, load capacity and other informations. If any of it violates the traffic rules then it will be displayed on the user profile and the user has to pay the penalty. If the person continues to violate the traffic rules, then his license will be cancelled.
  • A chip can also be inserted on people to detect crime within minutes but people won't like it :D.


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Naah... it's too much like Orwell's 1984.  :O


Why is it too much? The people can vote at the comfort of their home. The money spend for census and elections can be reduced. The people have option to choose "prefer not to say".


@ Dan:

Because you no longer can be sure you have a secret ballot.  People would be afraid that if they voted the "wrong" way, the secret police might come calling.


Then maybe just use it for census like unemployment rates which will be up to date (new card has to be given and card of the people who have died has to be removed periodically). Maybe the government can also use it for getting suggestion for some schemes.

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I would have to pass on that Dan. Many people don't even have smart phones, including me. Nice idea but a little bit too Hitlerian.

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It is a nice idea.

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It might be easier for people, who have to go far to get to the voting "offices" (unless they can vote previously, by normal mail), but I don't think that it would be safe regarding discretion, identity and privacy.


But election can be conducted only one time for electing a leader. But with this method, you can ask people's opinion about various government policies. And you can act as per the people's wish (majority) instead of your own decision.


Yes, there would be many opportunities, but the personal data and the privacy of the people would be more at risk. And hackers could falsify the polls.



Aren't the people using credit cards and debit cards? What if someone steal the money by hacking?

There should be more security features.


Yes, that is also a problem with on-line business.

You certainly heard of ransomware:


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