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Deep Sea Travel looks a lot risky than the Space Travel!

Deep Sea Travel 1 vote, 100%
Space Travel 0 votes

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I would choose space travel

Deep Sea Travel

Since I love the sea? I would love to have a submarine and explore the depths of the ocean! 


TheOtherTink Rooster

Wait a minute, Rooster!

India has dibs on those two subs.  :)


I can't choose; both would be interesting.


With current technology, I would be likely to see a greater variety of interesting things with deep-sea travel.

Distances in space are just too vast, unless hyper-drive is possible.

Dan TheOtherTink
The outer glass window got broken when they first reached the deepest point on the ocean in 1953, if the second window had broken then they would have died.
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Quite a number of astronauts and cosmonauts have died in space.


Dan TheOtherTink

Yep, there are more planes in the ocean than the submarines in the sky.