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We celebrate our birthday on the day when we enter the earth from our mom. The baby has both its parents appearance and characters. But does the sperm has the soul and is it same as the baby's? Does the sperm gets its soul during sex or even before in the men's body? At what point and how the sperm soul is being created. If a sperm is stored for 100 years and then used to give birth then the age of the baby will be, same?

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Wait a minute!  

Eve sinned too, and one could just as well say that she passed on her sin to all future generations. 

Mary's conception (in her mother's womb) was declared Immaculate (at least by the Roman Catholic Church) precisely to get around the problem of Jesus being born of a woman subject to Adam's/Eve's sin.

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Wait a minute!  :)

Why can't the soul be in the egg?

Or why isn't the soul a co-operative composite of the egg and the sperm?

An even more intriguing question is this:  Suppose you have a fertilized egg (a zygote) that was produced by one egg and one sperm.  The zygote will eventually become a baby with one soul.  Suppose, however, that the zygote splits at an early stage (either by natural or artificial means) into two, each of which then goes on to become one of a set of identical twin babies.  Where did the second soul come from, and which one was first and which one was second?


How does the sperm travel then? Does it have life?


The sperm wiggles its tail, but does it need a soul to do that? 

The egg moves too (albeit slower), from the ovary, down to a Fallopian tube, where fertilization may happen. And of course the egg also carries out life processes to stay viable until it is fertilized or until it dies.


I just take the sperm as the topic. I mean the sperm can act on its own, it knows it has to move. It can be killed. Can we make our hair or some other organ to do something on its own? Anything detach from us will die out?


Well, as I just pointed out, the egg acts on its own too, while it makes its way down from the ovary to the Fallopian tube and awaits some friendly sperm cells that might come by. :)


And then, after the egg and sperm join, if it wants to live the fertilized egg grabs hold of something and hold on for months, until it is born.  I am sure hundreds of fertilized eggs do not hold on, and are disposed and die.


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I would rather ask the question if living cells have a soul.




And we ought to start with consciousness, i.e. sensory awareness; actually, all form of life move and or grow, according to their function:

Mimosa pudica:

Venus flytrap:

But they just function to survive, grow and multiply.

Evolutionary development:


And research: