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Now Sodahead's main business model is its polling technology, why can't they just sell their website without the polling technology. And do to like to buy the website (without the domain sodahead.com)?

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I never got to use Sodahead and I kick myself for not seeing it and trying it. I can't see why you couldn't just buy it without the polling but they might be like the owner of blurtit who didn't want to sell the site to me because I wanted to move everything to my servers instead of paying "their" cloud company. I wish you the best of luck though!


If possible you can buy sodahead, it was a lot bigger than blurtit and it has potential to attract a lot of users again and to grow as a top site again. It was one of the top site in US and was growing at rapid speed and it wasn't shut down for low activity. The reason they said was, the income is not enough to maintain the servers. But there are some ways to reduce the server space. I'm not sure, they are ready to sell the source code of the website or not.

I send them few Emails but they didn't reply.

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Hi Dan,

I never tried Sodahead either...but after reading some of your other comments, I googled it to see what I could find out. I also looked at your videos, they seem to have built it into truly a phenomenon!

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I was there, but for a bit more than 2 years, and then, it closed suddenly its doors to its members.

Officially, they "shifted focus":


But considering the extreme discretion about what's really going on behind closed doors, I doubt that they intend to sell the website - with or without the polling technology ...

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I wouldn't pay a nickel for SodaHead, after what they did. :angry:

Well, maybe a nickel. :D



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I do not know if you have enough money. You can improve ihavesolved.com.

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