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I guess you can consider me a huge bagholder now.

I have been accumulating for over a year, but have vowed to sell off since last month. There is not enough volume on Poloniex or BTC38 for me to liquidate my holdings. I am sure there are quite a few others with that issue as well.

My proposal: 

I am willing to sell in lots of no less than 10 BTC worth @ 0.00000200

I have 50 BTC in total to move, buy all for 0.00000175 instead.

Prices will not drop; escrow to be agreed upon, if market falls it can be escrow, if it falls too much and these prices become too high then I will hodl.

[Sorry if this is not allowed here, StellarTalk allowed us to exchange together.]

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What is the exchange value of stellar into American dollars and where I can pay/buy things using the stellar?
It was an experimental cryptocurrency that was birthed by the creator of MtGox, Jed McCaleb, with the idea that giving away millions of freaking dollars to social media users would make a coin valuable. They caused many of us speculators to lose millions of dollars of our own money!

Not trying to discourage people from buying them off of me ... but they only have intrinsic value at this point and are for cryptocurrency speculators. It would take a real rush of development and mass adoption to increase their value. There's a HUGE supply of them, a huge pre-mine access from the head developers, and its a not-for-profit so there's no incentive to make it profitable.

The prices are already so dead low its basically some late Christmas gifts -- stuff I couldn't afford for my family cause of the sudden drop last month -- or I just hold onto them in hopes of a miraculous change next year.
What are the online stores that accept stellars, I know there are online stores which accept bitcoins.
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we at mystellar.org willing to buy 10BTC at 0.00000175, (11aug2016) if you willing to sell, find me and PM me "san2ok" at the web, i will give you all my contact and detail there..

it will be used as a reward for Posting Reward Programs, and expanding the program around southeast asia, (eventhou still not enough for us to expand in programming applications,,,still dreaming thou..by selling to us, consider that you already donate to the cause of reviving and  making the stellar strong again; we are not dumper, all lumens, web, and the plan, will be kept for more than 5years (hope we survive).

we are devoted to grow stellar, and there is so much programming plan to do, but we cant do it all without community support, obviously we also lack of funding too (we are small and living in struggling country, therefor not going to always do the charity as a martyr on our own budget), we also lack of programmer crew.

Hope you will come to the www.mystellar.org and support us (we BUY with discount, not Borrow or asking for donation, besides if you sell it will be the dump anyway), either way if you dont accept my offer, we still wishing you will come to www.mystellar.org and hangout with us, tell any story or blog anything as you like, we will be responsible and find ways to pay everyone, any member and poster are helping us expand the community. and make people reach+own+use stellar/lumen.

(hope someday there is someone can make us can do the project we planned around asia, both programming and field.)

together we strong, need to stand together and gather with each other support. with success to our plan, the price will slowly go to the moon. (either the media web, seminars, and programming team reaching around asia, IF all or part of it has decent funding or if not maybe got community support will do)

we also lack volunteer/by small payment, whom could help us answer the hard questions by users, and someone that could help us made tutorial to anything..

best regards,

mystellar.org receive STELLAR INCOME monthly, by doing post, blog, and documenting anything you like. Turn your hobby to productivity. Stellar price maybe low for now, but lets not forget 22may2010 bitcoin price also 0USD, someday your stellar income can reach 1USD/coin, maybe even as high as Bitcoin today. It will be nice that you already have so much stellar deposit without buying.

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