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If you aware of my last post on Jan 3, the value of 1 Bitcoin was = 1022.35 US Dollar on Jan 3. Today the value of 1 Bitcoin equals 1932.38 US Dollar. Recent ransomware attack might have caused some hike, since people have converted their local currency into Bitcoins. The coin's value was only $0.05 in 2010.

Wannacrys creators are now in trouble since they aren't sure how to cash their bitcoins. They have only used three bitcoin addresses to collect the money and it is possible to track those address and where the money goes. If they had used multiple address then it would be more difficult.

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I hope they do track them down! Geez! I didn't realize that they had went up in value so much. I might have to buy a few just to say I have them.

Those guys will learn that the "Dark" web isn't so secret anymore and they'll pay for their crimes.

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Dan, I had to Google bitcoin, because I had never heard of it. Truthfully, I am still not sure I understand what is going on...sounds like a kind of virtual currency?

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No, I would rather buy precious metals if I was going to speculate.

Bitcoin may soon be no better than German Marks from 1923.  :D

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No, I don't think that bitcoins are safe, there's too much speculation, and they seem to be very vulnerable to dubious practices.

By the way, aren't they used in the "Darknet"?


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Now the Bitcoin value is $2251



The value of Ethereum and Ripple are also in rise. You might buy some and I hope, after few years its value will be high.


@ Dan,

Maybe, but how will you collect your profits?  :ermm:

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