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And on a valveless trumpet:-O

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Other Tink, that is indeed great, and more than great, such music is exquisitely beautiful almost beyond belief. I looked on YouTube and apparently she is one of only a few folks who excel on this instrument. I watched her fingers, and she seems to be playing this like a flute!

Looking through YouTube, I came upon this one...listen how her instrument couples with the voice of British countertenor Iestyn Davis...their call-and-response. Good for you posting, learning of this puts a splendid perspective into the whole day.


@ Virginia,

Yes, there are a few holes in the tube of the trumpet which can be fingered open or closed.

This makes it much easier to play than the original natural trumpets, which had no valves or fingered holes, but which couldn't play all the notes in tune.


And yes, Baroque music is glorious. :)

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I listened to it twice - simply for the pleasure ...