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I saw Dunkirk this past weekend. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that so realistically puts you in the scene as it actually was. I truly felt fear when I heard the scream of a Stuka diving upon us.

This veteran who was at the real Dunkirk was likewise impressed.


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O'Tink I have not seen the movie, and appreciate the heads-up that it is so well done.


No, I haven't seen it yet but sure plan too!  Hitler stopped the Panzers as they needed a rest and refit and the Infantry to catch up after two weeks of Blitzkrieg. The British chose a good spot because the ground around Dunkerque was marshy and the Panzers would have bogged down. But good old Goering assured Hitler that the Luftwaffe could handle the job. Ha! 


No, I have not seen the movie yet.

It looks much like a "must see":