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I saw Dunkirk this past weekend. I don't think I've ever seen a movie that so realistically puts you in the scene as it actually was. I truly felt fear when I heard the scream of a Stuka diving upon us.

This veteran who was at the real Dunkirk was likewise impressed.


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O'Tink I have not seen the movie, and appreciate the heads-up that it is so well done.

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No, I haven't seen it yet but sure plan too!  Hitler stopped the Panzers as they needed a rest and refit and the Infantry to catch up after two weeks of Blitzkrieg. The British chose a good spot because the ground around Dunkerque was marshy and the Panzers would have bogged down. But good old Goering assured Hitler that the Luftwaffe could handle the job. Ha! 

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No, I have not seen the movie yet.

It looks much like a "must see":


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