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I'm using it everyday on my Windos 8 Laptop.

image'm using it everyday on my Windos 8 Laptop.

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Yes, I use it on Windows 7.


@Tink: I was reluctant at first about Windows 10 but after using it on this slick new PC? It's really easy and better than 7.


@ Tink : Paint is going to stay! Overwhelming complaints and MS listened. After next month, it will be available for free at the Windows store. I was just getting used to Paint 3D! LOL


@ Rooster,

Glad to hear it. :)

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On the newest Windows 10 update of the OS itself? There is a new version installed called : Fresh Paint. I think it works great! You do know that Windows 10 comes out with a newer version every six months or so?

Paint 3D is also very useful.

Plus, you can always use Gimp 2 which is free and better than paint. There is also paint.net which is quite good.

Microsoft Paint may be doomed - PCWorld