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Hello to all my/our friends!

First of all, thank you to all those who could arrange the "error message" denying access to "ihavesolved".

Remembering the sudden close-down of Sodahead and of other, nice sites, I might be overreacting. Quite a few here have left (or did not adhere to) too famous and too big communities, and - just in case of accidental or other local or regional network and site failures - we should have a kind of neutral harbour, where to re-contact our friends.

May I suggest two long neglected but nice sites:



and, of course, another known site,

or does somebody have another suggestion?

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I shall write those down if you don't mind and take a look. I know I'm about fed up with the others around but I'll check these out. That's of course if you don't mind. :)


Thank you, Rooster - actually, I was panicking.

The two sites, I have been citing, have been a very useful harbour to all those trying to recover their large groups of friends and acquaintances after the sudden closing down of Sodahead (especially those who did not wish to go to Facebook) and those wishing to protect their privacy, or their anonymity. Sadly, these two sites have been neglected too easily and too soon (but they are still at the service of their ungrateful users).

No problem, check them.


@Marianne: I will check them out soon. Is there something going on with this site that we don't know about?


Well, I forgot that there was the "automatic censorship".

You know the site, think of our friend Serenity.

And for "i have solved", I am still waiting for news from Dan, and I hope that he is all right. As for the connection problems, I don't know; there are various causes, and local or regional networks can fail too.

Again thank you for your support, Rooster.



I visited them.Zangle is more interesting. I have already been registered on many social networks.

I just discovered mighty networks where you can create your communities.

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I will check them.


Thank you, Kninjanin; it is always useful to check, compare and get several opinions.

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The site seems to be working very well now. :)

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