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Mean Mary And Her Brother, New Song!

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Jul 30, 2017 in Music by Virginia (7,565 points)

For everyone who enjoyed the YouTube video that Other Tink found (see, a very special take on Beethoven's ODE TO JOY, here is a nice song that Mean Mary and her brother wrote together! It was just posted a couple of days ago...

4 Answers

Ladyhorse Jul 30, 2017

I love a banjo and wish I could play one.

Marianne Jul 30, 2017

A very nice sound, Virginia.


Rooster Jul 30, 2017

I love any music from a banjo but that's a very different usage of it. Very nice. I enjoyed that first thing in the morning! Nice post Virginia.

TheOtherTink Jul 31, 2017

Sounds like a hybrid between bluegrass and flamenco. 

Very nice! :)

Virginia TheOtherTink Jul 31, 2017

I still think their masterpiece was that marvelous arrangement of ODE TO JOY, but yes this is nice also, O'Tink, they are very talented.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Aug 4, 2017

Virginia, Mean Mary has a remarkable bio.

And I don't think she's mean, unless the name refers to her playing a mean banjo. :)

Virginia TheOtherTink Aug 4, 2017

O'Tink, I found a YouTube video from Mary six-years-old, with her cowboy hat and a guitar as big as she...singing LONG TALL TEXAN, and they were calling her 'Mean Mary' then...somehow I doubt that she is mean! Her rendition was really good too! I am guessing that 'mean' Mary is an inside joke of a loving family...her brother's name is Frank, surname James? Well Frank James was the brother of Jesse, and it's possible Frank for the brother is not even his given name, rather another inside family joke...

So now I will go to the bio you found...

Here is Mean Mary age six, but my laptop could not open her bio... %$!!#@^&*!!! ...someday soon, I MUST make it more of a priority to update my system!!!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Aug 4, 2017

Yes, Virginia, that Mean Mary clip is included in the bio link I posted. :)

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