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...it's this one, NO HIGHWAY IN THE SKY. To me, it seems his best, my new favourite (of his). Jimmy plays an absent-minded scientist, who mathematically predicts that a wonderful airplane will get metal fatigue after exactly 1440 hours of flight and lose its tail and crash! So then he is sent off to Montreal to investigate a crash...only to discover that he is a passenger on just that airplane, and it already has logged1422 hours!

So the drama unfolds, with the help of splendid supporting actresses Glynis Johns and Marlene Dietrich...a real cliffhanger. And then after a movie came out, it actually did happen that a kind of airplane was crashing tragically from metal fatigue!

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Loved that movie! It's one of his best! I like all James Stewart movies but this one was always a thrill to watch.

This one also because Dan Duryea was such a hard case!

Virginia Rooster

Rooster, I have not seen EITHER of those...yet...! The second one...Shelley Winters was SO young...two great nominations.


Yes, several of the British Comet jetliners went down because of metal fatigue.  :(


You found a good movie, Virginia!  :)

I think my favorite Jimmy Stewart movie is Rear Window.

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink! I was so entranced with his superb characterization in this movie that it actually made me forget his work in REAR WINDOW for a few moments, until your reminding...however yes, when I get over the delight of this one, I may end up returning to REAR WINDOW as the all-time favourite...

Marianne TheOtherTink

Oh yes, T(h)ink, I remember; the movie was:


basing on Nevil Shute's "No Highway"


TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Virginia and Marianne,

One of the premises of the 'Highway' movie was of course false, namely, that failure due to metal fatigue can be calculated with anything like the 'mathematical precision' that Stewart's character claimed. To imagine that he was surprised that his estimate could have been off by 7% or more is laughable. :D

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol - of course, fiction takes the main part of the story; if referring to material fatigue, failures cannot be foretold with "mathematical precision":





Virginia TheOtherTink

Ha ha, yes O'Tink I did notice that in the movie, the supposition that such a failure could be calculated with mathematical precision...taking into account the date of the movie, that just added to Jimmy Stewart's fine characterization!

Virginia Marianne

Yes Marianne, I truly did some 'digging with delight'...! Yes now I recall that Jimmy Stewart acted in several Hitchcock movies; I did not remember, however, that he served in Vietnam! I tried to locate THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH  on YouTube, but they don't seem to have a good upload of that...so today, with temps reaching 103*F (40*C), I think I will just relax with some classic Hitchcock! I found a classic movie of his from 1939, called YOUNG AND INNOCENT.

Thanks again for you wonderful research, I also enjoyed reading about his love of dogs, did not know that!


Marianne Marianne

You're very welcome, Virginia, here in Europe, some great artists like James Stewart were (and still are) very popular.

Virginia Marianne

That is amazing, Marianne!

Marianne Marianne

Lol - amazing?

Too many people liked to read about celebrities - from both sides of the big pond.

And western or adventure movies, for instance, were highly appreciated:


And there was the "film noir" period: