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How do I find out what my level (or someone else's) is?  Is my level important? Do people check my level and interpret that as an indication as to who or what kind of person I am? Are there other ratings on here that are important? Who sets these ratings and what are the criteria for setting these ratings?

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Hi Korvo, I just looked that up because of the question from Ladyhorse...basically, you get more points whenever you ask or answer a question, also when someone clicks on the little box by your question or answer.

I would say no, your level is not important...anyway it is not important to me except that I laughed with delight when I saw my level got up to "loudmouth"...!!! 

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So when you posted this Q you got more points; also when I clicked the vote box, that gave you even more points. If you click on your icon in the upper right-hand corner, a menu will drop down, and you can then click on Hello KORVO to see a breakdown of your statistics.

Korvo Virginia

thanks for the information. I do appreciate your input.


You can find anyone's level by going to their user home page, and you can find a list by clicking on the "Users" box on the tool bar at the top of this page.

And no, the level is not important. :D

Korvo TheOtherTink

thanks for the information. I do appreciate your input.


Hello, Korvo - you best consult your personal page.

Furthermore, you can also look into the "users".

Last but not least: Dan explains in detail how the points are calculated:


And the level is really not important; a kind word, a smile and an interesting theme to share have much more value.


Korvo Marianne

thanks for the information. I do appreciate your input.

Marianne Marianne

You're very welcome, Korvo. :)