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What is the exact difference between antiperspirant, body spray, cologne, parfum, toilette, deodorant, and perfume?

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An antiperspirant, usually applied to the armpits, retards sweating.

A deodorant interferes with bacterial action on sweat or other bodily fluids to retard odors. Deodorants are often applied to armpits, feet and other body parts that may be subject to unpleasant odors.

Body spray is a (usually weaker) aerosol deodorant that can be sprayed anywhere on the body.

Perfume/parfum, toilette and cologne are all scents (in descending order of concentration) designed to give the user a pleasant odor. They do nothing to prevent unpleasant odors, except perhaps to cover them.

P.S. None of the above preparations works particularly well unless one has bathed/showered with soap and water beforehand. :O :D

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Hi Dan,

I don't know the full answers to your Q, but I do know that anti-perspirant retards the action of the sweat glands, while deodorant still allows you to sweat naturally, while neutralizing body odor. When I was working, I felt it necessary to use anti-perspirant; now that I am retired I use only deodorant plus frequent bathing.

Perfume is higher quality than cologne, and more expensive. Perfume lasts longer, the scent is typically much softer, less pungent; generally better and more subtle.

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Hello Dan,

T(h)ink and Virginia answered already your question, all I can add is some information about the lacking regulations on a series of health hazardous ingredients currently used in many care and cosmetic products, and even in toothpastes, perfumes and fragrant soaps, expected to be more natural: