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If anyone still has old pictures negatives, you can watch the eclipse through several sheets of those. When I watched the eclipse in 1970 that's what I used and I'm not blind!

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No, I did not know. It might be a good idea, but you'll have to check the efficiency of this kind of filter first:


Ladyhorse Marianne

Thanks...the article indicates the old B & W ones are safe. The ones my mom had were from the 40's & 50's so they were okay. BTW, because children imitate their parents, I ate a lot of cabbage, broccoli and carrots so our daughter would. In my old age my eyesight actually improved. Doc said it was from the vitamin A.

Ladyhorse Marianne

I am really glad you forwarded this link because the only negatives we have here now are colored ones. I was wrong and I would have been foolish enough to try those, so you prevented my attempt...THANK YOU, MARIANNE. OTHERS, PLEASE HEED THE WARNING, unless you have ancient B & W negatives don't use them.

Since I saw the eclipse in '70, I don't need to see another. 

Marianne Marianne
Marianne Marianne

Lol, Ladyhorse, I am not sure if values from the 40ies and 50ies were so safe:

You'd better check present-day links (o.k., I keep repeating myself, but you better protect your eyes correctly):




Marianne Marianne

As you can see, your theme is quite useful, as there is a need for more info; many people are not so well informed about how to protect their eyes, and there are also lots of dubious products on the markets, which are not sufficient for your safety; I hope that all are reading the links and will look for further info.


Ladyhorse Marianne

I don't have to look right at it...there will be plenty of coverage on TV!! I'm satisfied to have seen the one in the 70's with the old time negatives! I would not trust any glasses on the market. It's not worth the risk.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, that is a wise decision.


I can remember looking at the sun through those old negatives, however? Finding any now would be a real chore. Especially after a fire at my old family home destroyed most all of our family pictures and negatives. Guess these won't work! :D 



I can see my grandchildren reading this, and asking.. "What is a picture negative???"  :)

Good idea, if you have any around.


Hi Ladyhorse,

I don't even think I will try to look directly at the solar eclipse...at age 72, my eyes seem a bit fragile anyway! However, I did get a pair of special dark glasses that are SUPPOSED to be the best possible protection...

So my plan is to put the glasses on, and just be near the glass doors to experience the 95% blackout we will have here!

Marianne Virginia
Virginia Virginia

Thank you, Marianne!

Marianne Virginia

You're very welcome, Virginia.

As I have seen, the theme is quite useful, as many good old ideas might not be sufficient.