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Nuclear war isn't the answer and neither is appeasement. China seems to be on the fence about it also. Your opinions would be welcome! The poor people eat grass to live! 


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The USA should do nothing military. China and Russia are allies of North Korea, and if the US attacks, they will retaliate.  China has said that if North Korea attacks, they will attack North Korea. If you are worried about the people, then drop the sanctions, and perhaps provide food etc. to help the people.

Personally, I think China will arrange for Kim's death if he keeps testing atomic weapons.


@Korvo: If I thought the food would actually go the every day people? I would support that 100% But it doesn't. Kim and his pals hoard it all to keep the people so dependent on him.

I hope you're right about China! They have to stop and think: Billions in trade with the U.S. or support N.K.?

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Rooster, I do not know what would be a good route with North Korea. 

At one time, not so long ago, I had more confidence in the diplomatic process. But not so much now...and I saw N. Korea just detonated another bomb, apparently a BIG one. Do you have any thoughts or opinions there?


I've been wondering whether he is just trying to get all the nations to pay him to leave him alone so he can do as he pleases. As long as China keeps letting him get away with it? The longer it will go on. We all know how well appeasement went with Hitler. I see it the same here.

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This is a very spiny question.

Most sides still try to find diplomatic solutions, all the more, that millions of civilians are exposed, but the threat is real, and the world should remember the old saying "Si vis pacem, para bellum", unite and be prepared to fight off an eventual attack - as much as possible without nuclear means.


The distance between Seoul and Pyongyang is only 195 km!

Most of the North Korean population is living in extreme poverty and misery


and many families were split by the division of the Korean peninsula


As far as I heard, China might lose patience with its former ally in WWII:



(I have just been talking about the subject with one of my old friends.)

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Put lots of economic pressure on the Chinese. They are the only ones who might be able to bring N. Korea to heel without war.

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