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Basically, I have thought of Donald Trump's election as beneficial ONLY in the sense that he was chosen more by the common people, rather than by the US political establishment, the fact that could even still happen now. 

I have not believed that he is (so far) taking beneficial actions as president.

Is Trump doing some good things as president? The perspectives of both US citizens and people in other countries are invited here, thank you!

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From what I've seen on our wonderful media? It's really hard to tell what he has done! I've heard a couple of good things but pretty minor but the media only seems to want to broadcast any kind of trash they can on him. Personally? I haven't really heard or seen him really do any good for the country or it's people yet. I was hoping for more after he bumped Hillary but really have yet to see much to make me applaud. But I do blame the media for most of the trash I've heard. Hard to tell any more what's truth and what's media blow outs!


Rooster, I agree about the media. When I listen to Trump speak, what he says does not make good sense to me...however, what we see is what the media lets us see - and I do not trust that.

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I would say that

- err - big business rules the world, but leading countries and representing their real interests involve much more than business, agreements, strategies and military matters, and humanitarian and ecological issues are still left in the "waiting queue" with a big interrogation mark.

Although a sound economy and development is needed for all, there are, besides sustainability, also other, non-material values to take into account.

I don't know yet if the election of Donald Trump will be beneficial for the USA or if Emmanuel Macron will be the very "trump" for France and the EU, and how the international relations will evolve or deteriorate in this unstable atmosphere.

And can we still trust the media? Many are owned by certain big interests, and censorship occurs too often:


What we heard about President Trump:






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It's too early to say, just as it is too early to say about Emmanuel Macron of France.

I couldn't help but notice one amusing (anti?)parallel between them:  Trump has a wife young enough to be his daughter, while Macron has a wife old enough to be his mother.  :)

In my opinion, the one good thing resulting so far from Trump's election is having kept the U.S. Supreme Court from going too far to the left, as it surely would have under Hillary.


Lol - indeed, there are not enough concrete elements to make a statement, and there is, of course, quite a difference regarding the wives.

And there's a furry newcomer too, Nemo:




@ Marianne,

Yes, for some reason, Nemo seems to be big news.  :wassat:


Indeed, T(h)ink; Nemo has been adopted. :)

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