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TheOtherTink Marianne

Yes, Marianne, some things never change.  The privileged will always strive to keep their unfair advantages, no matter what their political stripe, and no matter what hypocrisy it entails.  :angry:

Marianne Marianne

Perfectly said, T(h)ink.



Good old IRS! You can always trust them!  NOT! They apologize a lot but rarely do anything.

The house I'm buying now that I've been waiting for so long is because the previous owner didn't pay his taxes to the state for property tax nor did he pay the IRS the last couple years of his own taxes, so both put liens on the house. The State was pretty easy to get paid off but it's been over a month or so now waiting for the IRS.The money is right there in the payment I made to buy the house but as usual? They are dragging their feet. The previous owners son is ticked off that he'll get less money for the house because these liens have to be settled first. I learned a lesson about paying cash for a house. My Lawyer said the IRS should have things settled by the middle of next month! We'll see about that.

I don't think the IRS is corrupt like many others, they're just dumb and mired in old fashioned ways and equipment!

TheOtherTink Rooster

@ Rooster,

Well, in your case, the IRS is just slow and dumb, as you say, but in the Lerner case, it is obvious that the politicized, corrupt higher-ups were giving the grunts their marching orders to target conservative groups.

That's pretty serious, when an unelected bureaucracy is used selectively as a political instrument of coercion or non-enforcement, as the case may be. The same seems to have been true of the FBI and the ham-handed Bureau of Land Management (e.g., in the Bundy case).


Well, Other Tink, I cannot really say that I follow the vicissitudes of our beloved Internal Revenue Service all that closely, but it seems I saw the other day that they now have been going after the "liberal" applicants for 501(c)(3)? Do they even KNOW what their own biases are?

In Iowa 2012, we had a terrible time trying to get the application through for a group I was trying to help...and the only thing we could think of, in retrospect, is that the group had CROSSROADS in its name, and that may have sounded too conservative? And actually, if anything the non-profit would have been liberal so-called, mission to help women after prison...

TheOtherTink Virginia

Well, Virginia, maybe CROSSroads indeed sounded too Christian/conservative.

But you know what?  I bet if your group had set aside a small amount for a donation to the Clinton Foundation, your application would have rolled through on greased wheels:D

Virginia Virginia

Ha ha, it is hard now to keep up with where we need to give our "donations" to grease them wheels, I think!  :D  :'(  :sick:

TheOtherTink Virginia

:D :) :ermm: :'( :( :sick: