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Other Tink and Marianne I will certainly join you, and I am shedding a few tears as I am old enough recall that November 11 was originally called Armistice Day...because World War I was hoped to be the War To End Wars.


Yes, Virginia, I can feel with you, as we were always reminded of the many wars in European and World history, and, wherever you live or go, there are memorials and museums nearby to remind us of the fragility of peace; whether referring to ancient or more recent wars.

You might have heard of the many sites and museums telling about Europe's tormented past, and many are still leaving very deep impressions, like, for instance, the Red Cross,




or Bourbaki's Army of the East



Bourbaki Panorama Painting: http://kmbtravelblog.com/lucerne-switzerland-bourbaki-panorama-painting/


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Why Thank you, ma'am! I have no idea where Hitman is at the moment but I'll try and relay it to him. I came across this quote in a book I was reading and I believe in it.

We stand and defend the land of the Free,

For it to stay free, it's up to you and me;

As hard as fighting and dying may be,

It's better than living on bended knee.

Sergio Velasquez, from "Yoke".


You're welcome, Rooster.  You guys are the best.

To veterans all, in peace and war,

And 'specially those, who war's costs bore:

Wounds and death, their cruel companions

In hell's battle fields and canyons,

Those true warriors e'er stood grave,

Facing fate, grim, firm and brave.

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