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Oh, no! Charlie Rose -- Mr. Clean of PBS -- accused by eight women of harassment?

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Marianne Nov 21, 2017

Oh, such "strategies" were even wide-spread (and still are) - much like very foul jokes, comments and insults, which you could find at all the levels of society, whether bullying or sexual harassment.

That reminds me of certain TV shows, namely entertainment and "reality" TV; there will always be some popular moderator or entertainer tearing down other people, whether invited or regularly participating celebrities or stars, professional rivals, colleagues, experts, scientists, poets, musicians, etc., who are overcriticised, slandered, ridiculed or "caricaturised" - and oversexualised or de-humanised (also men).

Maybe that many people are applauding "blood flows" on the scenes (and behind the scenes), as they don't realise how easily reputations, ideals, projects, careers and whole families can be destroyed.

And famous women are, of course, a "choice cut".

But even what was, formerly, considered "normal", i.e. the "conflict between sexes", is, legally, not normal any more, mentalities have not evolved sufficiently, and a closer look into the real roots of abuse and sexism was rarely taken, while censorship and taboos, and, for certain, the fear of losing privileges, wealth and power, are still one of the main obstacles.

And what's happening on TV, in the movies, on the music scenes and in other artistic domains, resembles much politics, business, service providing, consumption, education, "religious" groups, etc.

Here's an example from the TV industries, one of the most known cases (namely 3, 4, 5):

one, in the sports sectors:

and another one in politics:

There are many more, perhaps less evident affairs and intrigues, but for many women, men and their families, such humiliations and ruined reputations can hurt more than expected and have serious consequences.

TheOtherTink Marianne Nov 21, 2017

Yes, Marianne, it seems that all to many of these powerful people take on a 'droit du seigneur' attitude and act accordingly.  Bastards.  :angry:

Marianne Marianne Nov 22, 2017

Lol, T(h)ink, yes, of course, you will find gropers at any level, from would-be Casanova role playing, irresponsible teen pranks, to pervert misconduct and harassment.

As to certain privileges, though there is little evidence about "droit du seigneur" traditions (though much mentioned in literature about medieval and feudal times), various immoral practices of slavery, serfdom, kidnapping, polygamy, harlotry and other abuses were documented in former human history, and they exist even in our times.

Yes, there were and are many privileged people who are misusing their authority or their dominating position.

I suppose that you are referring to the movie "The War Lord":

and to:



Marianne Marianne Nov 22, 2017

By the way, formerly, certain reactions (actually punishable) had to be expected:


TheOtherTink Marianne Nov 22, 2017

Lol, Marianne, I never saw "The War Lord", but I'll watch for it.  :)  Watch outThe Frisians are attacking:D :D :D

Marianne Marianne Nov 23, 2017

Lol, of course, there were the Frisian raiders, and here are more details about the story:


TheOtherTink Marianne Nov 23, 2017

@ Marianne:  Eine sehr komplizierte Sache. :O :P :) :D

Marianne Marianne Nov 23, 2017

T(h)ink, lol - a good laugh is a great start for the morning :D:D:D.

About "kompliziert":

"Es existiert ein Interesse an der generellen Rezession der Applikation relativ primitiver Methoden komplementär zur Favorisierung adäquater komplexer Algorithmen." = "Warum einfach, wenn's auch kompliziert geht?"



TheOtherTink Marianne Nov 23, 2017


"Unter Einsatz immenser, jedoch bis zum Moment der Aktualisierung des Impulses latenter Energien löste sich die amphibielle Kreatur von ihrem habituellen Standort und verschwand, einer in erster Näherung parabolischen Bahnkurve folgend, in den mehr oder minder transparenten Räumen ihrer Existenz.
(Ein Frosch sprang ins Wasser)"

Marianne Marianne Nov 24, 2017

Lol, T(h)ink, I was sure that you would love these "descriptions".


TheOtherTink Marianne Nov 24, 2017

:D :D :D

Marianne Marianne Nov 25, 2017


Rooster Nov 21, 2017

I'm just glad I'm not a famous or well known person or I would be in trouble myself. Many years ago when I was in the service and right after I got out? I patted a few butts and a couple of pinches here and there but the difference was? Most of the ladies then liked the attention. But that was a different time. One that used to like me touching her, I eventually married. I'm not sure what to think of all this and how much of it is actually true. Call me a pig if you wish but I like women! Nothing feels better than a nice warm soft woman but I know when to restrain myself in my older years. I wonder who will be next!

TheOtherTink Rooster Nov 21, 2017

Well, Rooster, patting a few receptive butts is much different from a dirty old man like Rose getting a young 20-something girl in his mansion and flashing her, particularly when her career prospects are dependent on staying in his good graces.  I have since heard that Rose, who appears so affable and pleasant on TV, is in reality an arrogant SOB who treats many of his subordinates like dirt.

Virginia Nov 21, 2017

Other Tink, my computer could not open your link, but I found this one...

It's awful, if even some of that is true. I have myself never watched that show, but of course do know the name. 

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